Product Development Manager

Talenta Sumber Daya Manusia PT

Jakarta Barat dan 5 kota lainnya

Gaji Kompetitif

Tipe Pekerjaan


  • Male/Female
  • Preferred from reputable university
  • Strong market analysis and competitors to build new products
  • Having experience building teams (including R&D) and operational systems in the Prodev department with agile and digital mindset
  • Having experience in laboratory setup
  • Understand the entire process for launching new products
  • Having experience making products for classes A and B
  • Having experience in setting up a budget
  • Having experience launching products 15 times a year, where 4 of them are pioneer products
  • Having knowledge related to certification and ISO
  • Enthusiastic about beauty and skincare
  • Ever get a sales target (have a business mindset)
  • Experience managing PD team for 5 years
  • Have a soul of idealism
  • Willing to work at South Jakarta

Bidang Pekerjaan:
Product Development

Diiklankan sejak
5 November 2020

Ditutup pada
5 December 2020


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